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Nichole Richardson
Nichole Richardson


‘m happy you found me! There’s information on all of my books here, as well as fresh, strange stuff that my brain comes up with.

Who Am I?

Nichole Richardson is the author and publisher of Did You Find Your Purpose? Through my writing I want to help people find their purpose.

I worked with various health care companies. Currently I running a

NGO called “Mothers Choice Learning Center,” a home away from home.

My main goal is to help families maintain their economic stability and find resources that they need to help them survive. 

Nichole Richardson

My Book

Nichole Richardson

Did You Find Your Purpose? Written by Nichole Richardson is a series of short books that offers motivation, helpful tools and exercises, and guidance to help the people find their purpose and maintain the course. 

These stories are actual events that occurred in the author’s life and the lives of others she has assisted along her walk. Understanding the path that led her to where she is now and the sacrifices made, Nichole is determined to help others discover their true purpose in life.